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Finding an inexpensive pair of cans is simple. But in case you’re searching for a reasonable pair of cans which could withstand high-intensity physical action, that is a bit more challenging. Should you put in good noise into the mix, you have narrowed the market into a select few versions. We briefly discuss here why Otium Earbuds.

Otium Earbuds is among the few brands which can meet all these requirements. You won’t find their merchandise in stores, however, their online-only distribution series helps keep prices low. Can these cheap cans hold up to all of the hype? We moved hands-on to learn.

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What’s in The Box

We had been somewhat surprised at the caliber of packaging supplied together with all the Otium Bluetooth Headphones. Normally, cheap consumer electronics store everything as straightforward as you can, but Otium supplies a whole lot of value. After launching the fashionable box, you will discover a tough case attached to a loop along with a clip. The case includes a zipper to keep everything sealed up, and supplies an inset tray the cans fit nicely into.

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The situation is a bit big to fit in your pocket. If it was not for the clip, then we would consider this to be a hassle. However, the best thing about this layout is that the cable won’t get all tangled up while in storage, along with the clip makes it effortless to attach to a backpack, bag, or to just stash it in your car.

Design of Otium Earbuds

From a visual perspective, these cans keep a slick and contemporary look. You will find far more streamlined choices available on the market, but Otium earbuds did a fantastic job of coping with what they have obtained. The flat enclosures connected to the earpieces are emphasized with bright red display printing, fitting the flat cable. If you’re searching for something a bit easier, an all-black version can be obtained also.

The enclosure appears somewhat like a hand-held headset and includes a rather sporty appearance. The flat cable tucks from the neck, and the ear hook is concealed behind your ear. Overall, the plan of those earbuds is aggressive with smaller choices out there.

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These clip-on earbuds mean you are going to be sacrificing weight and portability, but the benefit is ergonomics. The procedure for placing them on is somewhat different than you would anticipate. To begin with, you tip down the cans and set the close of the ear clip from the upper cartilage of the own ear. You then rotate the earbuds counterclockwise, slipping the clips into position.

At some point, you are going to feel that the major lobe of the ear clip makes contact with the surface of your ear. Since this pressure is spread out over a very long distance, they do not feel painful or tight. They are incredibly comfortable to wear, however, they won’t change when you have to move around.

The main drawback of the design is the size of your ear may radically impact relaxation. For many consumers, this gives enough choice to make sure that everybody is able to get a cozy fit. That having been said, we would not recommend these headphones for kids. In case you’ve got big ears and frequently have difficulty getting a cozy fit, we can observe these inducing difficulties.



If you are just sitting and enjoying a movie in the comfort of your house, the durability of your cans is not a significant concern. However, when you’re outdoors getting some exercise, you would like a set of earbuds which may be pushed as hard as you push yourself.

Next, you will need a few water resistance. Some cans are watertight enough which it is possible to take them at the pool. This is great for a few, but overkill for many others. Otium earbuds are someplace in the center. They have got an IPX evaluation of 7. They will definitely be shielded from perspiration vulnerability, and they can definitely endure via a moist run. You will want to prevent them from becoming fully underwater and limit your time in sunlight.

Another essential benefit with these headphones is your cable. Rather than the round cable used on a few, these include a flat cable. This has a much higher tensile strength, therefore it will not crack in the event that you inadvertently snag the cable. That having been said, the cable sits on the back of your neck. It is not too lengthy, therefore the odds of this becoming snagged are rather low.

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Audio Quality

When you are to conduct a six-minute mile, then you will require a lively playlist to keep you pushing. This is precisely the type of music that these headphones are developed for.

The treble and midrange are suitable for its price range, however, it is pretty clear that Otium earbuds was concentrated on developing a powerful noninvasive. They will be fun for any bass music.

They are still appropriate for listening to acoustic music, however, they are not too impressive. The quantity is sufficient and the noise is undistorted, however, the detail leaves a bit to be desired.

They utilize CVC 6.0 — a favorite standard which may be seen in several high-end earbuds. This utilizes the mic to measure external sound, canceling out it using an equal and opposite response from the motorist. Even if walking into a crowded subway station, these earbuds supplied us with a quiet backdrop to our favorite tunes.

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Even if a set of headphones is comfy and seems fantastic, needing to make compromises on fundamental functionality could be a deal breaker. In most regions, we discovered Otium earbuds more than sufficient.

With all these earbuds we could receive 8 hours of constant use. This is aggressive with different versions, and much more than sufficient for many applications. But if you require something which lasts a very long time, you will find versions which perform better.

Should you have to make hands-free calls, Otium earbuds supplies all of the hardware you have to achieve that. Among the things we enjoyed about this attribute was that they supply you with a notification tone whenever a call is coming in. Other cans might reduce off your music and playback your own ringtone. For this, you merely hear an irregular beep — like call waiting. If you are unable to take the telephone, you will continue to have the ability to appreciate your music.


There are a couple buttons on the face of the ideal earbud that let you play, pause, and skip tracks. The most significant button (found on the side) can be used to answer calls. This one is simple to get, but others were too tiny. When we had been sporting the earbuds, we found it hard to bypass tracks.

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If you’re searching for a reasonable pair of earbuds to utilize whilst at the gym, the Otium Bluetooth Headphones really are a terrific option. The ear clips make them somewhat larger and thicker than some mobile versions, but this lets them sit securely in your mind no matter how much you are moving about. Together with the IPX7 for security, you can be certain they will outlast any other earbud within this budget.

We would suggest these earbuds to anybody who’s busy and enjoys bass-heavy music. Their performance is above average in these types of conditions, which makes them an outstanding bargain.

If you prefer to follow mellower music, you’re probably going to find the audio quality to be a modest sub-par. Moreover, the cable that runs on your neck can frustrate some consumers. If that is true, we would suggest that you take a look at the LiteXim TW-18. These cans are totally wireless and feature a solid signature that’s a bit more balanced.

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