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Headphones or earphones took the whole world by storm when it was publicly available since 1960S after it was tested and used by the US navy. It was invented in 1952 by John C Koss. Headphones are simply just two or one small power packed speakers shaped such so that it fits and stays perfectly inside the users ear canal, the two speakers are powered, amplified and connected to each other and to the device by which the speakers will be powered. The main goal for this things was to provide better sound and privacy  to the user for which it was very helpful to the navy as strangers were not able to listen to important information anymore after the use of headphones. Headphones of today aren’t that different from the first ones but they certainly did get some upgrades over the years to make them more mobile and more comfortable to the user. Most of the headphones of today don’t require wires to be amplified or powered, they simply connect and share information wireless using Bluetooth or some other kind of wireless network. Although wireless headphones can never deliver as good quality sound as wired ones but that reason is not enough to dislike them. Wireless headphones are very portable and user friendly, you don’t have to be very careful not to tear or tangle the wire in this things. You can use wireless headphones during a lot of activities like Swimming, jogging ,cycling, workout, driving etc. There are a lot of advantages of using a wireless headphones or earphones. You can multitask in very ease while using wireless headphones or earphones. You don’t always have to clutch your phone in your hand or remove your headphones if you have to move away from your desktop or just a devise charging and unable to move. You don’t have to worry about receiving phone calls during driving as wireless can receive or cut your incoming calls as you wish in a push of a button without you even touching your phone. You don’t have to worry about your phones battery life as most wireless headphones are powered by their internal compacted rechargeable batteries which may not last long on heavy use, this feature is more of a disadvantage for it than advantage.

We will be covering a lot of different types of headphones and telling you which one is most suited for which purpose or should be worn during what activity. To make it more easier for you to understand, We will break the difference between earphones , earbuds and headphones.

EARPHONES (wireless): The type of these earpieces are for simple use and are generally used by office workers or drivers or someone who is too busy, not enough time to take out ones phone out of the pocket to receive an incoming call. Usually this ear pieces are made to be worn on one ear so that the other ear stays free to listen to what is happening around the user which makes this design an ideal choice for or while driving. Simply it is consists of a small, powerful and good quality speaker which is covered by a plastic mold so that it fits and stays inside the ear canal of the user. The speaker is connected to a circuit board which reserve data from the wireless connected device and amplifies and powers the speaker. The circuit board is powered is usually powered by a small lithium ion rechargeable battery. The battery and circuit board stay inside a plastic casing which keeps all the parts and wires perfectly all lined protected from external force and dust , water if the manufacturers state so. This information should be enough to give you a good amount of idea about wireless earphones.

EARBUDS (wireless): Wireless earbuds came very recently to the market for which they are very hi-tech and most of them deliver a very high quality song. The design of this type of earpieces are very simple and comfortable to the user. Unlike single ear earphones this earpieces are a little more complicated and nimble. The mechanics which are usually used for this type of earpieces are very similar to earphones just like the ones we discussed earlier in this article. Just like the previous one the components are the same, there will be two individual speakers, one of which will be connected to the chip or circuit board which will be receiving data from the connected devise and of course the battery by which the chip will be powered. Like I said before this type of earpieces come in pairs,n the other earpieces has the same components are all the same except the chip which instead of receiving data from the connected devise, takes information from its pair. The complicated design and connecting prose of this type of earpieces are very useful and difficult to maintain at the same time. These types of earpieces are known for giving the user a proper isolation from sound allowing them to listen to what they want without getting troubled .they do it by having a silicon mold shaped like a mushroom with a hole at the top center to let the sound pass.

Headphones (wireless): The design and the components of this type of ear pieces are the same from sense they were first invented. They consist of two speakers which are 4times larger than normal sized earphone speakers. One of the speakers have the same parts as any other wireless speaker and is connected to its pair by a short wire which travels through a oval plastic or metal piece which goes over the top of the users head and connects the two speakers. The reason behind the large speakers are that this type of speakers cover 70% of the users ears to give the user a very good quality, surround sound.

We will be covering the top most of the wireless earphone collection and help you to find the ideal wireless earphones for you use. Mostly all of our top picks are good for workouts and heat resistant so if you are looking for that kind of features than I recommend you to look for qualities that you will find useful in other activities other than sports.

The first one on the list is for those who don’t give much thought on looks, despite the looks on this earbuds are loved my thousands of satisfied customers. This set was mostly designed for those who like to take a quick morning jog or you simply like to run to places on regular bases, than this product could be the ideal choice for you.


Jaybird x3 SPORT
by Jaybird

nimble and delivers great sound
good battery life
you get a free carrying case
the noise cancellation is very good
very organized and compact design
cons :
not very comfortable and good for long period of use.

These earbuds are from a company that are very well known for delivering good quality earbuds for a long time. The all new and improve x3 sport is the wise choice taken by many users who just admire and trust the brand name or the people who loved the previous version of the product like the x2. This pair of earbuds can handle a lot of stress and will live on through a lot of rough use and to be a added bonus they are water proof and heat resistant. The bad thing about this is that the it is not very comfortable to use for long periods, some reports even say that they cause rashes after first few days of use for long periods of time but that’s just for few people who have soft ears. the sound quality and the isolation are great for the price tag on them the design is loved by most of the users and you also get a very compact carrying case to take this beauty to any where you want ,also the battery life will last about 3\4 hours depending on how loud ,you set them to be .I think that these earbuds are great for the price that you will be paying and it could be much better or slightly perfect if they could make them a little more comfortable for the user. If you are looking for a wireless earbuds for proper daily use than I strongly recommend this to you.

The next one on the list is as good but a little different than the first one, introducing the,

ANKER SoundBuds NB10

it comes with a lot of useful items
good isolation of outside sound
great sound
fare priced
Very comfortable
very organized and compact design
cons :
short battery life compared to similar products
From the company known to produce one of the best chargers and power banks in the world comes a pair of earpieces which were totally unexpected by the brand lovers. This pare of headphones will be the ultimate choice for a morning jogger. Beside the fact that it comes with a lot of useful items, these earbuds are very comfortable and relaxing. The build quality and the isolation are perfect for great sound experience. It is not totally all wireless and the speakers do need a wire to connect to each other. You can literally jog for hours with this thing, by which I mean exact 3.45HOURS at max, the only down sider of these earbuds but keep in mind that it will last a lot longer if you listen in low volumes which will consume less power. The design is very firm so It will not fell off of your ears very easily while running or jumping. I thing that this earbuds are very great for the price tag and they do seem very durable too, despite the battery life, I think it can give over all a good experience. They do a good job to block outside noise, making you less aware of you surrounding, I suggest that you take precautions and avoid using them in busy sidewalk or streets. To me the design looked large enough to support bigger battery but I am very happy it as it is, anyway you should try out this set the next time, you are going to take your jog or heading to the gym.

The next one on the list we have is slightly similar to the previous one but with a neckband design, comes the,


it vibrates to notifies you
very comfortable
great sound
long lasting battery life
rich sound quality
cons :
the design is not liked by many users
Coming with a ridiculous design and a great features, these buds are best for people who are very active in there days and activities at any given moment. The controls and the power supply is hosted by the neckband while the earbuds simply come out of it. The products are very big and hard to get lost. The headband part comes with a inbuilt vibrator that vibrates when there is a notification and is changeable by wired connection with your pc. The battery life on these stretch about 5 to 6 hours at max. despite having a heavy body, it feels unusual light on your neck , thanks to manufacturers who did a very well job of distributing the weight properly. The isolation is perfect and is very comfortable to the ears. I would probably use this at home, during home workouts or cooking or watching movies.The looks on this thing is not that bad to some but it is to most. After looking overall features and sound quality and experience of users, I say it is great piece of tech by Samsung and its battery life and sound quality should be enjoyed by us. You can buy this if you are looking for wireless earbuds to use at home or in need of them , these earbuds will sure be a great choice.

The best cheap and good quality earbuds

In this world of hunger for money and profit, there are still some companies that kept that prices low on some of the best performing products by which I mean Earbuds. SO, we bearded the burden to look for and found some which caught our eyes. Here some of the best earbuds in the lowest prices.

The first one on the list comes from a brand known for making high quality earbuds and lets its fan use them in a very low cost. So without further wasting time, let’s get to it.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones
By senso

good isolation
supports ipx7 and is able to play HI-FI audio files
can be worn and be used for long periods of time
The sound quality is perfect for the price tag
cons :
The design is awkwardly big unnecessary
These head phones give you something much better for what you pay than other products out there. The sound quality and the isolation is just perfect for the price tag, you really cannot ask for more. The box itself comes with a lot of useful accessories no matter what sized your ears are, these ear buds will fit you as they come with three exchangeable buds of different sizes to give you over all good experience, perfect fitting means perfect isolation you literally will not be able to hear anything but the good quality sound it provides. They have a very weird design to stick to your ears they won’t be falling of your ears even while running any time soon. I say that if you have a low budget or just want to try out wireless ear buds for the first time then this is one the best to go for the quality and the durability in this low price , don’t forget all the use full accessory which you will be getting with the ear buds for free ,it is really a golden deal for starters and regular user alike.

The next one on the list is another budget friendly ear buds which have the neckband design, say hello to,

By Samsung

fare sound quality
the neckband vibrates upon an incoming notification
the ear tips are very comfortable
the neckband very lightweight and sweat proof
cons :
the neckband design really not found attractive my most users
The design and the build system is all the same as any other neckband wireless ear buds in the market. Samsung didn’t step into the wireless ear buds business from the beginning but they didn’t take much time to catch up as their ear buds are far better than most wireless ear buds. The sound quality and the isolation it delivery is very good the sweat prof design will allow you to use it during work outs and while jogging. Just same as many other neckband ear buds this one also vibrates on upon an incoming notification or on an incoming call. The battery life is about 6/5 hours at max just like any other on the list but that’s pretty much it for this head phones. I think that this ear buds have great sound quality, durability and long lasting battery life which you will be getting in a very low price but then again the design kills the attractiveness from it so, I would say that, get these ear buds if you don’t have any problem with the design as you will be getting a lot of fun and rough use out of it. They could have made it a lot better is they just left the neckband design for which these ear buds are getting all the hate for.

The last one on the list we have is the,

By sony

has a water resistant seal
supports NFC
very comfortable and lightweight
very long battery life
great sound quality with good isolation and a good amount of bass
cons :
dose not provide a carrying case which is considered a con to some users
Another good pair of ear buds from a company known to make some of the best. SONY is one the most well known brands in the world and when they decided to make wireless ear buds, there is no questioning that will they will be good. People are going crazy for the SONY’S MDR series. Packed with power, bass, long lasting battery life and ALSO NFC! Which you will get in a very low price. Although the sound quality of these ear buds are average but it gets a lot better with the extra bass which kicks the beats up a notch. the battery life of these ear buds are insane and the longest in our list. Lasting more than 6 hours!

On full volume and 8.5 hours! If you crank the volume to medium, you really cannot ask for more. But that’s not all as these ear buds support ‘’N.F.C’’ ( Near field communication), which means that you just have to stick these ear buds to your phone or any devise which support wireless communication and the ear buds will request to pair with your devise without all the fuss of searching for your ear buds manually and all that. The only down sider of this is that you would not get a caring case included with these ear buds to keep them safe. You are getting all these amazing features and abilities packed in these ear buds without paying a lot for them as SONY won the hearts of its users by keeping the price extremely low on these ear buds .I personally would love to get them for myself and maybe I will. It is not very often that you all this good combination of battery life sound quality, connectivity and low pricing from very well known company. I don’t mind the fact that they don’t come with a carrying case as you can buy a lot better one with the money you will be saving for its cheap price. I can watch movies all night and work all day while listing to songs all day with is insane amount of battery life. SONY truly good job in making these ear buds so great and low priced for its users like me to enjoy the feeling buying something very high in quality with out stabbing my wallet for it. Let see what they have in store for us next.


At this ,list we will be looking at some of the best sounding wireless ear buds which may be very pricey but they are asking very little for the quality that they delivery in these ear buds.

OK, the first one on the list is product which is known for being pricey but totally worth it, say hello to the,


extremely good quality sound for a wireless earbuds
eye catching design
very comfortable even after long period of time
in build system to decrease the volume during low stages of power
fare battery life
cons :
is not available for all ear sizes
You can guess it by the name that these ear buds are best suited for those who like sports and work out freaks. The design is so complicated and so comfortable that you can literally wear them for hours and all day without hurting your ears. BOSE is known for making the best sounding wireless ear buds out there. They provide excellence isolation for you to experience the best quality sound for the price you pay. They are very lightweight so you can watch movies for hours without felling anything heavy or tiredness.

You get out 6/7 hour of battery life out of these ear buds every single day if you charge it well and use it in minimum loudness. You can get them in two beautiful color mate black and light aqua both of them look very good on any user except if they not fit your ears which could be a problem for all. The price of these ear buds are something to keep in mind ,despite being high this is mostly fare as this is a product of BOSE and a very good quality ear buds . I think that you should be very careful while buying these ear buds as they don’t come in different sizes. You should know that which size of ear buds fit you and see that you are comfortable with them or not and if you think that they will fit , than you will get a good friend to accompany you for a long time. I think that that these ear buds could be a lot better if the ear buds came with adjustable buds of different sizes to fit all users. over all these are some pretty neat ear buds to get for yourself or for a loved one as a gift.

The next one is the,

BY Plantroics

good looking design
great sound quality for a wireless devise
sweat proof with comfortable design
cons :
dosen’t includes a charger or a caring case
normal battery life for the price
Coming with a perfect combination of great sound quality and a minimum amount of bass, the BACK BEAT GO 2 is one of a kind. Despite the fact that these ear buds are made by a very popular brand and very under rated and not well known by many. The reason why we said that these earbuds are under rated is because after seeing the review on these ear buds, we noticed that all the reviews from the users are very good but the reviews form some websites says that these ear buds are not very good, which is exactly the opposite from the truth. The sound quality of this ear buds are very good as they provide a perfect amount of music and bass.

These ear are can be a good choice for people who like to work out. The lightweight and sweat proof design allows the user to work out as much as they want without worry about damaging your ear buds. The battery life of these ear buds are the ultimate down sider of it. 3.5 to 4 hours on max volume at this price is really a customer killer for these ear buds. But that’s not it , you don’t ever get a charger or a carrying case with these ear buds . I personally think that this ear buds are great .Even with the low battery life , this ear buds are able to deliver good quality sound and are very sweat proof which are the things I look for in ear buds than a decent battery life. It would have been a fan favorite if they just included a charger and added a longer lasting battery. Maybe the makers of these are wanted to delivery quality over quantity which a did very well. And it almost seems like that these ear buds should have been in the first list for is sweat prof design but keep in mind the fact that they also give of great sound for which we saw these ear buds more suitable in this list than the first one. The sweat prof design which although is very good but is a very common ability to have in our top pieces.


Just like I mentioned in the headline that these ear buds are truly for those who want to go completely wireless which means that there will no between the pair of ear buds themselves, so without further ado let’s go to the earbuds.

The first one on the list is the,


unexpected sound quality from a small size
you can charge your ear buds while they sit in the carrying case
long lasting battery life
neat packing
cons :
small and nimble, thus allowing they get them lost easily
Coming with a small size and a great battery life are pair of ear buds coming from a new competitor in the market. Their goal is to delivery good sound quality to general users by keeping the price very low. These ear buds are pretty unique than others. Even with the size this small , the battery life of these ear buds is very long ,lasting up to 3hours on full power volume and even if you don’t use them for 3 hours straight and put them in their case , your battery life will increase as the carrying case durable as a charger for the ear buds . I have personally used them got great fun out of them but not soon enough , I lost one the ear buds . So, if you like these ear buds and want to get them then be a little careful, to not lose the like I did.

And the last one on this list is the,

HEAR FUSE –True wireless Ear buds
By HearFuse

delivery good sound, despite having a small size
A true wireless design
the ear buds can be used separately by two users at the same time
Anti sweat absorbent design
cons :
requires a proprietary connector to charge which is annoying most users
Short battery life
Just like as it is in the name the HEARFUSE ear buds are truly wireless, requiring no wires to connect to each other except while charging which requires more wires to connect than others as these ear buds require a proprietary connector to charge. It has an attractive looking design which is also a sweat proof so you can work out with them if you like. The battery life of these ear buds are very low ,about 2.5 / 3 hours only but you should try to understand that in order to achieve small size they had to use small batteries. The sound quality on these ear buds are great for their small size . you can also receive calls and pause songs .personally I would recommend you guys get these ear buds if you are looking for completely wireless ear buds, even if you have to charge them with weird and unnecessary long and complicated cables or if you don’t get a long battery life because the sound quality and the notice cancellation of these ear buds are something not to be left out. I think if you don’t have a problem with short battery life than definitely go for these ear buds .well that’s all for me folks and the end of this list, see you guys later.